Welcome to the website for A Colder War.

The next session of ACW, Give Peace a Chance, will be running at Necronomicon 2007, on the Easter Long Weekend.

What is ACW?

A Colder War is a freeform campaign set in 2367 AD. It assumes a universe in which the Second World War ended in a negotiated peace with the Third Reich, and the reulting Cold War was in fact a three-way standoff. The space race was a much more spirited affair because of this added competition, and soon the Imperialist powers of our century were colonising the Solar System. Developments in Wormhole technology and rapid climactic change on Earth forced these empires further out into the galaxy, and the ever-present threat of a massive, interplanetary nuclear war forced them to treat each other with a wary respect.

ACW is a Freeform Campaign. This means that the storyline is propelled forward by roleplaying sessions involving fifteen to twenty players. Each player assumes the mantle of a character in the game universe, and in each session will have overarching objectives and goals dictated by the situation. Unlike tabletop roleplaying, there are very few statistics or rules, and arbitration, when used, is minimalist and simple.

ACW also has an online, collaborative effort. All players in the game, regardless of how long it has been since their last session, will be given access to an online wiki. The Wiki will be a place where players can collaboratively expand on the universe of ACW. This content will become canon for the universe, and form the basis for future games.

Want to know more?

The links in the navigation pane on the left will lead you to further explanations of the setting of ACW.

Forces will take you to a brief overview of the factions in the ACW universe, and the characters in each faction.

Situation Map will take you to a description of the major systems and planets that have featured in the game thus far.

Operations will take you to the game blurbs and schedules.

And HQ will take you to a page with information about the writing team behind ACW

Want to play in ACW?

ACW always needs new players, and new contributors to the wiki. If you like the sound of the game, and would like to play, head over to the HQ page and email the designers. The ACW designers are extremely flexible with character concepts, and are happy to accomodate almost any type of character, within reason. Once you have a character, you will be able to play that character in any game.

So check out the Wiki, read up on galactic history and the different factions, come up with a character concept, and get in touch with one of the designers. We'd love to have you in the game.